80% AR-10 Billet Anodized OD Green Lower

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80% Complete. All that is left to do is drill the Safety hole, trigger pin holes, and the trigger pocket

Made in Colorado, USA from: 7075 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum: It has excellent mechanical properties, and exhibits high strength, toughness and good resistance to corrosion.   It is one of the most commonly used aluminium alloy for highly stressed structural applications, and has been extensively utilized in aircraft structural parts.

Beautiful Anodized OD Green: Anodizing is a finish that bonds with the raw aluminumpenetrating its alloy structure. This means that with normal wear-and-tear, an anodized finish will technically last longer than other coatings. Anodized finishes also tend to wear better, producing an aesthetic "grunge" look, similar to battle-wear.

Custom Laser Engraved Design Is available, Please call (970) 632-2729 or email [email protected] for more details

No Background check needed or FFL (This is not considered a firearm until it becomes completely drilled out so it can be shipped directly to you) 

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